Ogilvy One

Ogilvy One - TouchPoints (Worldwide)

- 2006-04-10

The Idea : On many occasions artists are seen on MTV pouring liquor onto the ground in rememberance of the dead. This is an African tradition – in rememberance of local ancestors, “umqombothi” is spilled on the ground before, “ukhamba” is passed around for others to drink. On June 16, the contribution to South Africa’s democracy and freedom made by those who marched that fateful day was celebrated through the screening of this commercial

Results : Over 7 000 visitors to the website address listed in the commercial’s titles, in just 7 days.

Office : Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa
Director : Conduit
Film prod co : Conduit
Creative Director : Peter Badenhorst
Art Director : Vumile Mavumengwana
Copywriter : Sofiso Hlongwane
Client : SAB / Castle Lager